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To speed up the adoption rates of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), the government has implemented its Meaningful Use program to further incentivize physicians to take advantage of the innumerable benefits of electronic documentation. Unfortunately, many community physicians and acute facilities lack the internal capabilities and resources to successfully implement EHRs on their own. In an effort to support these groups and to strengthen their relationships with providers in the community, large hospital organizations are leveraging their enterprise IT assets and personnel through various EHR hub extension programs.


There are many challenges that healthcare organizations encounter as they transition from providing IT services internally to providing additional services to the community, often with varying service level expectations. Falcon Consulting Group has been a pioneer in this space, and continues to demonstrate success in helping organizations approach these challenges. We believe that detailed program planning is fundamental in making this transition a reality. Our consultants are available to help your organization create a detailed business plan based upon our lessons learned and industry best practices.

Targeting The Community

With a successful business plan in place and a product ready for delivery, Falcon can then assist the organization in developing the marketing approach and associated materials needed to make the program launch efficacious. Time is taken to incorporate the steps being taken by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and the critical elements of meaningful use into the development of the program. With materials developed, we will work with the organization’s leadership as needed to assist in various sales activities including but not limited to: client sales meetings, town hall events, educational sessions, product demos, and contract management.


With contracts signed and a deployment schedule developed, Falcon has experience managing project teams in the delivery of an extended EHR product to external Physician groups. Additionally, Falcon can provide experienced resources to augment existing teams. Falcon has developed support services to assist with work-flow analysis, hardware assessment and support, abstracting services, outbound call management systems, insurance eligibility and claims processing, vendor selection and integration, voice recognition integration, and extending transcription services.


Finally, Falcon Consulting Group assists with the establishment of appropriate community optimization strategies that go far beyond start-up and stabilization of your new service line. These programs include an advanced help desk, triaging of issues, advanced technical support, and a branded Efficiency Express optimization program, precisely targeted to improve physician adoption in the ambulatory settings.

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