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How can IT, automation help improve healthcare revenue?

One obvious way for health systems, hospitals, and physician practices to meet increasing demands on value over volume is by having accurate and timely data in the hands of decision-makers. Technology will surely be a huge enabler in providing the valuable data and information that executives and middle managers need in order to position their organizations properly …more

Healthcare due for a technology “Shake Up”

With consumers entranced by fast-evolving technologies and accustomed to price competition, healthcare is set to be transformed by innovations from other sectors of the economy such as retail and telecommunications. Just as these areas are rapidly transforming, the healthcare industry is due for a rapid transformation too. To read more about the “shake up” to …more

Doctors’ Billing System Stays Stuck In The 1970s For Now

The coding system that healthcare systems around the country is, simply, antiquated. As a matter of fact it is about 4 decades old! But, finally there is a plan in place to update this coding system of the past, however, the update is too good to be true. Congress delayed the update several weeks ago. …more

How best to prepare for adoption of a cloud-based EMR

Cloud-based EMR solutions haven’t always been the ideal solution in the eyes of hospitals and healthcare systems. However, with new developments in cloud-based technology, it has become a cost-effective, secure, and efficient solution for many healthcare systems. To learn more about cloud-based EMR solutions Click Here

ICD-10 Delay comes at a price

The Senate’s vote March 31 to delay implementation of ICD-10 by a year might be providing hospitals extra time to get ready for the transition, but it will have a negative financial impact on the bottom line. To read more about the consequences Click Here

How Big Data Helped Cut Emergency Room Visits by 10 Percent

10% may not seem like a whole lot a first, however, when you put that 10% into perspective, it becomes quite clear how much of an effect database systems can have. In 2013 there were around 130 million ER visits. That means that with HIT databases in place, 13 million wouldn’t have to see the …more

Cloud Storage Is The Solution For Outpatient Center

Cloud storage may be the key for data and image storage in the very near future. Not only is it extremely effective and secure, it is also more cost effective for large health systems storing large amounts of data.  Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology (ZPRAD) is one of the largest outpatient centers in the country by volume and …more

EHRs Are Being Incorporated Into Medical School Curricula

It would only make sense that as more and more hospital systems implement EHR systems that those training to become MDs are educated with said systems. One of the main reasons that adoption/adaptation of EHR systems throughout the United States is lagging is because of a pure lack of education/training from the MDs. For more …more

How hospitals can make big data pay big…

Big data applications are driving a revolution in healthcare because they quickly transform mountains of unused data into quickly available, actionable intelligence, which improves decision-making in areas such as: hospital discharge planning, disease management, quality improvement, performance reporting, as well as many other aspects of hospital and health system operations.   For more information and …more

EHR Data Can Be Leveraged To Accurately Predict Sepsis

Sepsis, one of the most common causes of death in hospitals nationwide. In order to treat/lessen the whole body inflammation, corticosteriods are often used. Doctors have differing opinions regarding this treatment as the benefits vs costs are somewhat controversial. So, what is being done about this debilitating and fatal infection? It turns out, according to …more

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